Friday, January 27, 2012

Waiting for RCgodot

Ordinarily there would be RCs by now but Mozilla has not tagged the build branch yet and I know of at least one bug that may land prior to ship. Watch this space over the weekend.


  1. I hope they finally fix the memory leak bug. ( least I think it's a memory leak)

    If you browse with Private Browsing (or using minimal disk cache - in either case using RAM for cache), the browser gets slower and slower until it takes 100% CPU and eventually crashes. This is the same behaviour on Firefox as far back as 2.0. My PC running BeOS and BonEcho 2.0 does exactly the same thing.

  2. @mr_a500 I remember kinda like same thing happening on my custom FF2 version (I actually hated FF3 so much that I patched security holes up to 2011. Then after it had became unholy mess of code I updated to FF4.) If it ran long enough it started to use more and more cpu and ram. But for some reason it never crashed. Strange.


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