Monday, June 5, 2023

Apple provides grated cheese with the wine

Today Apple asked, would you like cheese with your wine?

It's nice that the stench of Intel has finally drifted off Apple's product line, leaving us once again with a RISC cheese grater atop the heap. Still, though (seriously now), no discrete GPUs for those six PCIe slots? Does this mean you're stuck with the MKULTRA M2 Ultra's? That's like throwing a party where you have to wear headphones to hear the music. But at least if you were using it for virtualized x86_64 workloads, Rosetta 2's got you covered, and no one's gonna pull an IBM QuickTransit this time — suggesting x86_64 binaries will have a far longer shelf life on Apple silicon than PowerPC binaries ever did on Intel. At $7000 for the base model, though, I think I'll stick to my Raptor Talos II.

Apple also proved themselves able and willing to compete in drinking games with macOS Sonoma (but fine vintages, mind you), so start your photocopiers. Quick, drink if you thought Apple would basically bring back the Dashboard, which is the first thing I disable when installing Tiger from scratch. If you're Mozilla, drink if you thought Apple would rip off Firefox containers in Safari. And, well, I should have a drink too, because now Power Mac upgraders will get a built-in TenFourFoxBox for desktop web apps. We didn't get macOS Arvin, macOS Edison (now with more power saving features!) or macOS Chico, but don't worry: it will still cost Peanuts.

Don't get me started on that goggles thing.