Sunday, January 29, 2012

10.0 RC (finally) available

The RC is finally available, after a few late-breaking bugs landed, and the G5 jammed most of the day to poot out these builds. The only difference (other than what Mozilla fixed) between this and the beta is that the help and feedback links now connect to Tenderapp, and some minor internals changes so we don't pick up Firefox hotfixes by accident. Speaking of, Mozilla did adjust garbage collection between beta and RC, and that seems a bit snappier.

I'll post more when Mozilla determines how they will maintain the ESR in their tree (no doubt as another repo). Meanwhile, 11 will be a changeset-only release because it is finally time to decommission the old Apple Network Server and I need the time to do so. Ben's changes to the methodjit branches and David's software G3/G4 square root routine will be in the next stable and unstable betas. Stay tuned.

Release notes
and builds:



  2. Nice spot, uyrujyr, that must have just gone up. It wasn't there yesterday that I recall.

  3. Does running TFF through Trimmit and compressing tiff files have any detrimental effect on browser speed?

  4. >compressing tiff files
    I don't think Firefox has a noticeable amount of them.

    >have any detrimental effect on browser speed?
    Have you tried it? I'm interested whether TFF works at all after that. BTW, debug symbols which Trimmit removes are put into TFF binary on purpose. Next, TFF is not an universal binary. And so on.

  5. How much space is saved if you don't strip debug symbols? (They are needed for bug reports about crashes).


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