Sunday, January 2, 2022

Updates to TenFourFox on Github

Happy New Year (I'd like to say nothing can be worse than 2021 was, but I don't want to tempt 2022). Fortunately, we're starting the year off right with new changesets on Github for the TenFourFox rolling release. Besides the periodic updates to TLDs, HSTS and timezone data, these two changesets also fix some security issues, include a minor update to NSS with new support for SHA-2 OCSP stapled responses (thanks to roytam1 for the suggestion), and correct a couple minor Mac OS X-specific widget problems. No clobber is needed for this go-around, so just pull down the changes and gmake -f build to fresh your installation. If you're new to self-building TenFourFox on your Power Mac (or unsupported Intel Mac), read this recent article.