Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tenderapp support now available

As I mentioned in the previous couple of posts, Mozilla will EOL Firefox 3.6 when 10 ESR exits the qualification stage (for the lifecycle of an ESR release, see the Mozilla Wiki proposal). As we are the unofficial overflow for PowerPC and 10.4 users that will be orphaned after 3.6 runs aground, we are likely to pick up a large number of new users in the very near future, and expecting Mozilla to continue to support them through SUMO is not fair on their resources.

Fortunately, Tenderapp offers free accounts to open source projects with an application, and I am pleased to announce that they have accepted ours. Starting today, users will be able to file feedback and questions through our own TenFourFox Support site. The Support link under the Help menu automatically points to this new site, there are Help and Support tabs on the main page and Start page, and the TenFourFox Help option will point to it with 10.0 final.

Please explore it and see what you think. Chris, contact me privately so I can give you a login to allow you to read and reply to support tickets. Other people who are interested in helping with the support effort, please request in the comments.


  1. I wish there was a way to merge your knowledge with the SeaMonkey team to produce a contemporary build.

    Not only would you be carrying on Mozilla's more recent Firefox but none other than the originator itself, Netscape!

  2. SeaMonkey has considered accepting some of these changes, but the decision is ultimately theirs. I don't issue builds of SeaMonkey because I have a general policy not to maintain projects I don't use personally. If someone(tm) uses the changesets to generate SeaMonkey, I would be happy to point people to that project. There is at least one user on Mozillazine who has issued some basic changes for building SeaMonkey on 10.5 PPC.

  3. I am willing to help. I'm in high school, so plentiful time is not likely, but I can help with the "Where are my plugins?!?!?!?!?!" and other similar things.

  4. Sure, send me an E-mail and I'll get you an invite.

  5. That was me you might be referring to - hikerbiker

    I work from home fro the most part but would be willing to put more time into SeaMonkey to make it useful for PPC user running 10.5

    Apple left us high and dry so we'll have to fend for ourselves

    I tried getting 2.7 to compile but there seems to be a major mess with the JIT etc and i can't get it going without putting major time into adnd from what I've read in their discussions regarding related bugs they're dpoing a major rework on javascript compilationn etc ???

    Anyway I'm willing to do work on 10.5 PPC project for SeaMonkey.


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