Monday, January 30, 2012

10 converted to release

As threatened, all update notifiers have been updated to reflect 10 to give our holdouts a chance to update while they still can. Also, I'd like to welcome Theo to our volunteer technical support squad, who has graciously volunteered to take part on Tenderapp. If you are willing to help enlighten the unenlightened as well (and file a real bug report now and then), send me an E-mail.


  1. German langpack installer for TFF 10.0 is available at

  2. 10.0 now built packaged for Fink for 10.5 and 10.4-EOL!

  3. Stupid question but... since I saw somebody else complain about this I think I should ask:

    Is there a way to get the old Tenfourfox 7 skin back in TFF10 for us OS 10.5 users?

  4. Another question:
    Is there a way, to get fully hardware accelerated Tenfourfox for 10.5 (I mean OpenGL accelerated)
    Angel :)

  5. @Nova_77, not without modification. A Persona would work though (if you create one, feel free to point people to it).

    @paraflow, Mozilla themselves don't support OpenGL or WebGL in 10.5 due to various OS bugs. If these bugs are fixed by someone(tm), it should just work in those builds, but TenFourFox supports 10.4 which does not support OpenGL 2, so it wouldn't be me issuing those.

    Strong work as always from Dave and Chris :)


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