Friday, September 11, 2020

TenFourFox FPR27b1 available (now with sticky Reader View)

TenFourFox Feature Parity Release 27 beta 1 is now available (downloads, hashes, release notes).

The big user-facing update for FPR27 is a first pass at "sticky" Reader View. I've been paying attention more to improving TenFourFox's implementation of Reader View because, especially for low-end Power Macs (and there's an argument to be made that all Power Macs are, by modern standards, low end), rendering articles in Reader View strips out extraneous elements, trackers, ads, social media, comments, etc., making them substantially lighter and faster than "full fat." Also, because the layout is simplified, this means less chance for exposing or choking on layout or JavaScript features TenFourFox currently doesn't support. However, in regular Firefox and FPR26, you have to go to a page and wait for some portion of it to render before you enter Reader View, which is inconvenient, and worse still if you click any link in a Reader-rendered article you exit Reader View and have to manually repeat the process. This can waste a non-trivial amount of processing time.

So when I say Reader View is now "sticky," that means links you click in an article in reader mode are also rendered in reader mode, and so on, until you explicitly exit it (then things go back to default). This loads pages much faster, in some cases nearly instantaneously. In addition, to make it easier to enter reader mode in fewer steps (and on slower systems, less time waiting for the reader icon in the address bar to be clickable), you can now right click on links and automatically pop the link into Reader View in a new tab ("Open Link in New Tab, Enter Reader View").

As always this is configurable, though "sticky" mode will be the default unless a serious bug is identified: if you set tenfourfox.reader.sticky to false, the old behaviour is restored. Also, since you may be interacting differently with new tabs you open in Reader View, it uses a separate option than Preferences' "When I open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately." Immediately switching to the newly opened Reader View tab is the default, but you can make such tabs always open in the background by setting tenfourfox.reader.sticky.tabs.loadInBackground to false also.

Do keep in mind that not every page is suitable for Reader View, even though allowing you to try to render almost any page (except for a few domains on an internal blacklist) has been the default for several versions. The good news is it won't take very long to find out, and TenFourFox's internal version of Readability is current with mainline Firefox's, so many more pages render usefully. I intend to continue further work with this because I think it really is the best way to get around our machines' unfortunate limitations and once you get spoiled by the speed it's hard to read blogs and news sites any other way. (I use it heavily on my Pixel 3 running Firefox for Android, too.)

Additionally, this version completes the under-the-hood changes to get updates from Firefox 78ESR now that 68ESR is discontinued, including new certificate and EV roots as well as security patches. Part of the security updates involved pulling a couple of our internal libraries up to current versions, yielding both better security and performance improvements, and I will probably do a couple more as part of FPR28. Accordingly, you can now select Firefox 78ESR as a user-agent string from the TenFourFox preference pane if needed as well (though the usual advice to choose as old a user-agent string as you can get away with still applies). OlgaTPark also discovered what we were missing to fix enhanced tracking protection, so if you use that feature, it should stop spuriously blocking various innocent images and stylesheets.

What is not in this release is a fix for issue 621 where logging into LinkedIn crashes due to a JavaScript bug. I don't have a proper understanding of this crash, and a couple speculative ideas didn't pan out, but it is not PowerPC-specific or associated with the JavaScript JIT compiler as it occurs in Intel builds as well. (If any Mozillian JS deities have a good guess why an object might get created with the wrong number of slots, feel free to commment here or on Github.) Since it won't work anyway I may decide to temporarily blacklist LinkedIn to avoid drive-by crashes if I can't sort this out before final release, which will be on or around September 21.


  1. Sticky Reader View looks useful for more than just PPCMacs. Is that going to be upstreamed into Firefox.

  2. I came a virgin to TenFourFox Intel with FPR24. I skipped FPR25, but when I updated to FPR26, I lost the ability to play videos on most sites. I noticed that my Plug-ins category had disappeared from my Add-ons list. I had Flash disabled, anyway, but there may have been some other plug-in that was letting me play videos. When I went back to Firefox 45.9.0, my videos still wouldn't play, but later in the day they would play; scratching my head over that one.... I have no ideas what to do now.

  3. I highly recommend exploring an alternative for ad blocking, especially for older machines :DNS-level ad blocking using a service like AdGuard DNS.

    It means a lot of ads get stripped out ahead of time and save that precious dwindling processing power on our old Macs.


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