Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Make Cheese Grating Great Again

The Mac Pro, like New Coke, is back. In a miniature cheese grater you could make a mean quesadilla with. A million Power Mac G5s and O.G. Mac Pros are singing out, "we told you so! We told you so!"

But if you're going to buy one of these things (starting at $6000), you don't get to complain how much a Talos II costs.


  1. I simply adore your title! :-D
    I'm wondering why is Apple in love with that cheese grater look... :-o I'm quiet convinced that there's a lot more air turbulence in it, if it's for the sake of cooling...
    And dust! Imagine all those little holes filled with dust after a few month!

  2. Apple through the years proved they were pros and innovators in the area of quality product design. Surely this latest design will have Steve Jobs rolling over in his grave.

  3. These are looking like SERIOUSLY powerful machines. Looking forward to see how their engineers mess them up. As I type on my 16 year old PPC, I can't believe how prone to problems the current generation of Mac Laptops are. That Louis Rossman guy on Youtube is working on Touchbar Macbooks every other day - how can a machine that is so young and costs so much be failing already? I just setup a 17" G4 Powerbook for a customer that works as good as the day it was made, and really only needed a new system.


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