Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Finally, a bit of love for Intel Tiger

Again, a polite reminder that Intel Macs aren't supported, but that doesn't mean people don't want to run TenFourFox on them. Thanks to new builder Hayley, Tiger-compatible versions of FPR14 and the MP4 Enabler are available for Intel. Previous versions have had issues on Tiger due to issue 209, so watch for that if you choose to run these, but initial testing at least looks very promising.

I've also given Ken direct access to that folder so that he can coordinate and upload Intel builds on a semi-regular basis without me as the rate limiting step. Remember, the Intel build is unsupported and issues posted to Tenderapp about it will be closed. There are no guarantees that it works, and there are no guarantees that builds will continue.

Meanwhile, I'm working on what may be a fruitless effort to add async/await support and am about halfway done with the merge. It will probably build but no guarantees that it will work, and there's probably some additional fixes needed to get it up to reasonable standards compliance. I'm trying to keep it all in one easily managed commit which is why there hasn't been much activity on Github for FPR15; this may be the only major new feature in order to reduce regression risk. More later.

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