Sunday, November 11, 2018

ICYMI: what's new on Talospace

In the shameless plug category, in case you missed them, two original articles on Talospace, our sister blog: making your Talos II into an IBM pSeries (yes, you can run AIX on a Talos II with Linux KVM), and roadgeeking with the Talos II (because the haters gotta hate and say POWER9 isn't desktop ready, which is just FUD FUD FUD).


  1. Considering the cost of these things, they should be giving you stock options and a seat on the board for making them actually work. I suspect they might have watched "Field of Dreams" just a few too many times.

    1. Any new platform is going to have a few rough edges. But they have pretty darn few. Other than a couple hiccups when it first arrived, it's been trouble free and highly productive.

    2. Great to hear! I just wonder how many users (not in love with the PPC architecture), would be willing to put that much time into it. Who, the bear-minimum defaults get boring, will just hock it for whatever is newer and trendier.


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