Thursday, November 8, 2018

Happy 8th birthday to us

TenFourFox is eight years old! And nearly as mature!


  1. Happy Birthday, and thanks for all the efforts!

  2. It's been an excellent 8 year ride, Cameron. Many thanks!

  3. Yeh! Seems like just yesterday that Camino worked. But thanks to your efforts can actually reply to this on the same Mac was using then!

    BTW - a "Kernel" of joy for your OS9 fans -

    My OpenGL drivers were messed-up and I would get a kernel panic every time I opened a demanding screen-saver or game. Tried some OpenGL games in OS9 and realized my Graphics card was fine, so had to be the kernel extensions (corruptions?). Anyway, this is normally a situation where you have to reinstall the system, because these have very specialized permissions.

    WELL - or you could just go into OS9 and drag-copy/replace with an earlier backup. Worked PERFECTLY!!! "We don't need no stinking permissions!"

  4. Some special PowerPC love to TenFourFoxBox! FoxBox makes a WORLD of difference in Comcast's webmail. It is difficult to use in the browser on my G4, but a FoxBox actually makes it enjoyable - fast to load, responsive, drastically reduces lag. Simply awesome!


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