Friday, March 21, 2014

Update on 29

After a lot of sweating, JavaScript in TenFourFox 29 now runs with PPCBC once again. There seem to be some performance improvements, too, to the tune of about 5-8% on V8. Not bad. Now to get the rest of the browser up. No ETA on that yet.

The refurbished G5 spare is doing well; even in Highest performance it is fairly quiet by comparison, and in Reduced mode the loudest fan in it is actually the video card's. I'm waiting for tools I have on backorder to remove the dying processor assembly from the original quad G5 and I actually located several Apple-certified Refurbished complete assemblies with heatsinks and fully serviced liquid cooling systems, so I should have some tested-good spares that pass thermal calibration to substitute in (and I won't have to service the older one quite so urgently). I'll have some notes and a little bonus toy to play with in the very near future.

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  1. Please do share the details of the repair process and the company you are working with, as the LCS on one of my Quad G5's CPUs has started to fail and now the system sounds awfully loud when idle and freezes under load.


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