Sunday, February 3, 2013

Spanish and Russian translation packs available

Chris, who handles our localization/internationalization efforts, has offered for testing Spanish and Russian translations in issue 61. If these look good and work well, I plan to roll them out with 17.0.3, which is scheduled for 19 February. As a reminder, translation packs are only for the current stable branch release; there will not be l10n/i18n packs for unstable releases since it is too much of a load on our translators.

The Russian installer right now displays its prompts in English, although everything works fine in the browser and properly appears in Cyrillic. Rather than transliterate the Russian words from Cyrillic to Roman text, it was decided just to leave it in English. The reason is that our installers are based on AppleScript and AppleScript in 10.4 seems not to like any character encoding other than MacRoman (no UTF-8, no UTF-16). If anyone has a workaround for this, post it to issue 61 as well, since the Polish version is also somewhat affected by this.

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