Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Namin' and shamin'

If you bought this, you better ask for your money back. This is nothing more than the old brown Flash 10.1 with the version number bump, same as you get anywhere else. Notice that we are specifically warned away because of our plugin policy, so I will now advertise TenFourFox as protecting against charlatans too. What scam will they think of next?


  1. Hm, Flash 11.1 won't last them long because it's outdated already. I'm holding my money for a deal on Flash 12.

  2. What deal on Flash 12? I do not know of anybody working on PPC version although it theory, it may be possible. OS/2 never had an official Adobe Flash, but Mensys provides 10.1 version for OS/2 (license agreement with Adobe).

    Although it seems it is possible to get the source code, work involved to get back PPC support and Mac OS X 10.5 must be tremendous.

  3. That was a joke. I can edit the Flash Player (for free) to report anything, even version 100, but it's still only Flash 10.1. There is no Flash >10 for PPC, and there never will be.

  4. This 'no plugin' policy would be why this works perfectly on Safari 4.1.3 and won't work on TenFourFox 17.0.2 ? :(

    1. Correct. However, even if we wanted to, there is no way to get Carbon and/or QuickDraw plugins, which cover virtually all major PPC plugins, working with 19+. Even when the code Mozilla removed is added back, it doesn't work.

    2. Too bad it doesn't work, but thanks for the reply. 8)

  5. Here's the real flash fix for PPC macs:

    and, for 10.5 and leopardwebkit:

    Dump flash. It's both old and bad news. So is Facebook. What you say and do on Facebook and the entire web can and will be used against you, by your present or future employer, by your government, by...who knows who else.

    PS: Quicktime Enabler works too.


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