Thursday, December 20, 2012

SDLMAME builders and other ldx3 users: switch to ld64

I note in this forum thread that the indefatigable bunch making SDLMAME builds for PowerPC are also using Tobias' ported Xcode 3 linker (a/k/a ldx3) with gcc 4.0.1, the one we originally offered starting with TenFourFox 5 and still use on the TenFourFox 17 stable branch (the last branch that will use it). It appears they were bitten by the same linker issue we were, based on the crash dump and the size of the binary.

Unfortunately, their forum has a very byzantine way of creating accounts due to spammers, so I'll post it here and hope they and any other users of ldx3 notice: since we're moving to gcc 4.6.3 for 19, we don't need nor will we update ldx3 anymore because a proper 64-bit ld with Tobias' island fix is part of the standard MacPorts gcc46 package "for free." But you can still get that ld separately for other purposes; just port install ld64 to install it by itself (and you can just symlink it to ldx3 if you want to keep your build system the same way), which will work just fine with Apple gcc 4.0.1. We will keep that port up to date so you can keep using it.

Fink and Homebrew users, just apply the patch to Apple's ld 97.17 sources.

PowerPC builders gotta stick together, you know?


  1. Hi,
    Just want you guys to hear thet end users of PPC tiger 10.4.11 really exsist; On my part, I'm néophyte to your technical discussions, but I try to understand the best I can!
    If an amateur like me can help even a little tinny "byte" I'll be happy! I've just switch from Safari 4.1.3 to TFF 17.0.1 and I feel more "secure" , specialy sice I started to read a bit of your writhings ! I did the same with Mail to TFBird…
    Just remember: real people appreciate your work!
    Too bad you don't work at Apple…
    eMail me if I can do something! ""
    Joyeux Noël!

  2. The kind word is appreciated. While we can't guarantee 100% security of the operating system, we do have the benefit of running on an unusual architecture, and if the browser is up-to-date the practical risk is very low. I need a secure browser to pay my bills and do my taxes without leaking my identity or having my accounts snooped on, so I'm glad it also suffices for you as well.


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