Thursday, December 27, 2012

Holiday brewskis for 10.4

Merry two-days-after-Christmas and Happy Holidays. If you were a good little boy-or-girl-or-thing, I hope Santa-Father Christmas-the folks-the person you are blackmailing brought you many nice things. If you were not a good little boy-or-girl-or-thing, bituminous is lovely in the fireplace.

The compiler upgrade is all but complete, and there will be build system changes to match starting with 19. I am strongly considering a formal beta for 19 to make sure we catch all of the widget changes and find any 10.4-specific bugs, as well as the standard 19 unstable release.

I have been made aware by its creator, Misty DeMeo, of "Tigerbrew," a Homebrew port to PowerPC Tiger (our favourite operating system). For those unfamiliar, Homebrew is one of the newest and increasingly popular package managers for Mac OS X (even Mozilla has started using it), but it has historically required 10.5 and I have heard of issues with it on Power Macs, both problems of which hopefully Tigerbrew will mitigate as it matures. While we are ordinarily a MacPorts shop and our workflow mostly revolves around it, Homebrew definitely has some nice features and a Tiger version only increases our choices for maintaining our software (besides, of course, good old standards like Fink, which David Fang still maintains TenFourFox as a package for). You can read more about it at its Github, or, to jump in the water, ruby -e "$(curl -fsSkL"

Also, just for your amusement (please don't comment on the bug, this is just for chuckles), enjoy this bug report that we all sympathize with.


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  2. The last time I tried Homebrew was on Panther and Tiger. Panther was a complete no go and Tiger was an absolute royal pain.

    Cheers for an up to date package manager! (How is macports and/or fink support for ppc tiger?)

  3. How was Tigerbrew? I'm sure Misty would appreciate your comments. I haven't tried it yet myself (when I get a round tuit).

    MacPorts and Fink are just fine on PPC 10.4. We use MacPorts heavily for prerequisites, but if you don't like MP David Fang continues to maintain our Fink port. Both are good and solid on Tiger PowerPC.

  4. I haven't tried it yet. The last time I used Homebrew on Tiger was when Tiger support and PPC support (both 10.4/5) were in separate trees.

    I didn't see a way to install MP on Tiger listed on their downloads page. (Source?) Fink does have a nice binary for 10.4. I guess my question was more towards whether or not they still maintain packages for 10.4.

  5. Install 2.0.3, and then selfupdate. The later versions only differ in packaging and what comes with them.

  6. Are there any technical reasons for one to prefer macports to fink to homebrew?

    I see that you use macports and are able to make binaries that run independently of things in macports. Is that an intrinsic feature of macports or is it general?

  7. Not particularly; it's just how you want to organize your software. Also, MacPorts is written primarily in tcl, Fink is Perl, and homebrew is ruby, so you may be more comfortable with one over the other. They also have slightly different hierarchies, and port descriptions may or may not have different local optimizations.

    Dependencies depend entirely on how the software is built. Right now, 17 uses the Xcode gcc, which means the libraries are already on the system. 19+ will include the MacPorts-built gcc libraries, hidden within TenFourFox, which AuroraFox is doing already.


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