Saturday, October 13, 2012

QuickTime Enabler v.115

Are you sick of me yet? QuickTime Enabler v.115 is out, but it requires TenFourFox 17; it is not tested, nor supported, with 10.x. and since by accident I built it with an old addon SDK version, we will offer it for 10.x users as well; there will be a v.116 for TenFourFox 17 with the correct SDK. This v.116 will become the new QTE when 17.0 becomes final. Test it!

This version fixes the problem with YouTube URLs, so they should work again (well, at least as well as they usually work, which is fine with non-ad-based videos and crummy with ones with ads), and allows you to directly feed a link to QuickTime Player (so you can right-click on a link to an MP3 or video file, and the URL will go straight to QuickTime Player as if you had right-clicked on an HTML5 video). Note that it will offer you this option on any link, since it really has no way of knowing what's on the other end, so don't expect you can play your tax returns in QuickTime Player, and they would probably sound pretty ominous.

So go grab the stuff. It's Christmas in October, yo.


  1. Thank you very much! From one day to another I couldn't play YouTube with QTE anymore, this should solve it.

  2. Thank you! It works on Tiger and Leopard :)

  3. Thanks! I was just looking for a 'donate' button on your site. You've provided an extended life for my iBook, and that's worth something.

  4. That's very kind of you, but on purpose the project doesn't accept donations -- money just makes things complicated. But clicking on the ads on this blog does generate money which I use to cover the cost of the server and the T1 line, so please support the project in that way.

    I edited the post; v.115 was accidentally built with an old SDK version, I later noticed, which causes non-fatal errors on 17. But this makes it still compatible with 10.x, so we will turn error into virtue and offer it to the legacy branch as well. v.116 will incorporate any bugs people find (so far none) and will be built with either 1.10 or 1.11 SDK, whichever is available. That will be released a week or two before 17 RC.


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