Friday, October 19, 2012

Classilla 9.3.1

For those of you like me who still spend a significant amount of time in Mac OS 9 -- for me, while it's not as much as it was a few years ago, I'm still in OS 9 at least once every couple weeks -- Classilla 9.3.1 is out. It's not everything I wanted to get in that release, TenFourFox really delayed it (because it takes a lot of effort to stay on the Mozilla release treadmill), and in the middle of working on it the MDD chewed through its second power supply, stopping work for a couple weeks until I had time to get it on the bench to replace it. Still, it's a lot of security audits, some important bug fixes and even a few new features. Read about it from the announcement thread on LEM's Mac OS 9 list, or download it from

So far the reports look very encouraging for our font fix. Thanks to everyone who contributed the missing pieces. There haven't been any major TenFourFox-specific problems, but there are a few significant items Mozilla needs to fix and we will pick these up for the release candidate in early November. Also watch for v.116, which will be the new 17.0-only QuickTime Enabler.


  1. Thank you very much indeed! It works very well on my Mac OS X 10.3.9 Panther :)

  2. Very tempted to locate a Performa and relive my youth with Lode Runner, Power Pete and now Classilla. All I would need is the Launch CD with Dark Forces Demo and MacAddict! Interestingly enough it's successor has recently published an article about G5 browsers suggesting only rpm-mozilla builds! How the mighty have fallen.

  3. Just wanted to leave a "thank you". 9.3.1 works beautifully on my old TiBook and I use it every day. The move to mobile website was a great idea that allows fast browsing again. So thanks again for all your efforts!

  4. It was controversial initially, but I really do believe it was absolutely the right move. My 1400 is now almost practical as a regular laptop daily driver again (admittedly RAMDoubler and the G3 upgrade help quite a bit). There are some mild to moderate regressions from the updates, but nothing serious so far, and I will address them in 9.3.2. I suppose I need a Classilla blog at some point.


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