Tuesday, June 7, 2011

5b2 delayed, sorry

5b2 is being delayed a bit, for two reasons: 1) I want to get the complete AltiVec-enabled YCbCr-to-RGB conversion suite into it for testing (one part of four is in 5b1; I've finished a second part and am working on parts 3 and 4) and 2) bug 662450, which yours truly reported and is a Mozilla bug, but disproportionately affects us as we are unaccelerated. Mozilla is currently treating it as a blocker, so there should be some resolution to it soon.

I also landed issue 67, an issue with recursion in the JavaScript regular expression parser, which I'm a little concerned about functionally and don't want to land on 4.0.3 in case it has unusual side effects. Those of you who reported issues with Ghostery compatibility with TenFourFox 4 might want to try it with 5b2 when it comes out and see if that repairs your issues (Wolfgang O comes to mind, if you're reading).

As soon as the two issues are completed, I will run off new builds, which also fix issue 65 on Leopard. We will probably be able to get 5 final out on time with Firefox 5, and I plan to release 4.0.3 at the same time as the final release in the 10.4Fx 4 series. I have not seen any new landings on the Mozilla beta tree that would obviously break plugins, so assuming they still work, they will still stay. However, a big change landed on the tree for Firefox 7 that could potentially break them, so I still plan to pref them off in TenFourFox 6.


  1. About the lack of posix_spawn in 10.4: FreeBSD has a user space implementation of posix_spawn. It may of course still depend on other kernel-level functionality that 10.4 doesn't have, I haven't looked at it in detail. And there's still the fact that the plugins themselves won't be updated anymore, as you've mentioned before.

  2. We have a basic skeletal generic POSIX one in issue 66. However, if the FreeBSD userland library is faster (do you have a URL?), we might use that instead. However, I'm not going to implement this until it's absolutely necessary, which will probably be around the time content processes reach beta.

  3. Here's the FreeBSD one I found: http://fxr.watson.org/fxr/source/gen/posix_spawn.c?v=FREEBSD-LIBC

  4. I'm not sure of the proper protocol for reporting a bug, but I've been using TenFourFox 5.0b1 for several weeks now, and I have repeatedly encountered an issue with the display of fill-in forms. "Tick-boxes" fail to display, making it impossible to complete the form by indicating the box with a mouse click.

    Unfortunately, I can't supply example page URLs because the pages are usually called within secure sessions that would be inaccessible to anyone lacking the proper credentials to reach the secure site.

    If I continue to see the issue, I can attempt to do screen captures of the pages displayed by TenFourFox without the tick boxes visible, and the same page as displayed by Safari, with the tick boxes visible and operational.

    This appears to be an issue with the new code, as I was able to use the tick boxes on these pages with no issue when using the previous version of TenFourFox.

  5. Bob, you haven't upgraded to beta 2 yet, have you? ;) This was fixed (see subsequent blog postings).

    However, I'd advise you wait until the weekend, because 5 RC is going to be out shortly.


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