Friday, December 10, 2021

The strawberry iMac that made the Wikipedia

Apparently the strawberry iMac G3 is to blame for Wikipedia, and in keeping with the stupid prices people are paying for collectable Power Macs (to the chagrin of those of us actually using them), you can bid on it. The first edit he allegedly made in 2001 is available as an NFT, also for $tupid money, which I have reproduced here for the nominal charge of your eyeballses:
In 2001 this was probably Microsoft Internet Explorer on OS 9, maybe OS X Cheetah, but the NFT doesn't say and this substantially diminishes the value of it in my eyes. Seriously, if you're buying for the history, provide the damn history. Also, the strawberry iMac G3 I have in the music room is in rather better condition and even has a Sonnet HARMONi upgrade card. I'm just saying, because I'm not selling.

Back briefly on topic, watch for a dump of security updates in the next few days now that I've made some more progress on the POWER9 JIT for my Raptor Talos II.


  1. Somehow, I wish it had been a Cube...

    But, briefly back near topic - does this mozjs60 build have any relevance to TenFourFox's javascript, or is it not really even a "browser thing"

    mozjs60: Support for 10.4, 10.5, and PowerPC

    Anyway, congratulations on your newest JIT success, and just imagine what you can sell that history for in twenty years.

    1. It's not really a "browser thing." It is the JS from Fx60, but it doesn't have the TenFourFox JIT, it doesn't have the DOM work to link it into a browser and it doesn't have ICU support for internationalization. Still, it's nice to see since there are many projects that rely on it.

  2. I used one (and also a G3 iBook) for a long time. The G5 era really poisoned the vision (Aluminum Toxicity is my take, with complications due to iTunes revenues). The early G4/ late G3 period was the best computing would ever be in many ways.

  3. That first edit looks like a 90s geocities website lol


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