Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Coloured iMacs? We got your coloured iMacs right here

And you don't even need to wait until May. Besides being the best colour Apple ever offered (a tray-loading Strawberry, which is nicer than the current M1 iMac Pink), this iMac G3 also has a 600MHz Sonnet HARMONi in it, so it has a faster CPU and FireWire too. Take that, non-upgradable Apple Silicon. It runs Jaguar with OmniWeb and Crypto Ancienne for web browsing.

Plus, these coloured iMacs can build and run TenFourFox: Chris T proved it on his 400MHz G3. It took 34 hours to compile from source. I always did like slow-cooked meals better.


  1. Yeah! I have one too - the one with the nice red IrDA eye on the left side. Never upgraded the CPU though, just maxed RAM. It runs 10.4 and even TenFourFox!

  2. I've seen a number of the 'DV' models (as well as Pismo PowerBooks) come up for sale on Ebay with 7410 G4 upgrades - pretty badass. Also, the G3 Clamshells have to be one of the most iconic style items ever. If Apphole had the good sense to re-release them (without the prereq 'Aluminum poisoning'), they sell like crazy.

  3. Plus the G3 has an ethernet port. What's up with that, Apple? 'Doing it all, all in new ways' my derriere.


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