Saturday, June 27, 2020

TenFourFox FPR24 available

TenFourFox Feature Parity Release 24 final is now available for testing (downloads, hashes, release notes). There are no additional changes other than outstanding security updates. Assuming all goes well, it will go live on Monday afternoon/evening Pacific time.

I don't have a clear direction for FPR25. As I said, a lot of the low hanging fruit is already picked, and some of the bigger projects are probably too big for a single developer trying to keep up with monthly releases (and do not lend themselves well to progressive implementation). I'll do some pondering in the meantime.


  1. Thanks you very much once more.

    I will download it as soon as possible. I use the TenFourFox on my 1:76GHz PowerBook for most of www and gopher sites.

  2. You could do FPR24 SPR1 and keep doing SPR's going forward. Keeping FPR24 secure is just as important with bug fixes, updated TLDs, and updated HSTS. No reason to pressure yourself to get features out the door in a time frame you don't feel you could do a quality feature conversion from Firefox and addition to TenFourFox. That way you could just save the FPR's for when you have an a new feature.

  3. Hey Guys: Just wondering if you all might be willing to throw some love/encouragement toward a kid taking up the silly task of coding for PowerPC Macs? Over at Macintosh Garden, there is a TEN YEAR OLD that's making a web-browser and has an Alpha up, and there's already a comment asking him to FIX SPELLING MISTAKES in the post??!?!?! This is like yelling at Emergency Services for tracking mud in when they are coming to give you CPR. At some point Cameron might want to move forward onto developing solely for his newer Talos and we are going to need kids like this keeping the old gear running. Thanks

  4. Will there be an Intel version of FPR24 as there was for FPR23?

    1. Depends on the builder. I don't do those myself.

    2. The answer is yes. TenFourFox-FPR24-i386.tar.gz appeared in the contrib directory yesterday afternoon.

    3. Thank you! Cheers!

  5. I just want to give a big thank you to Cameron, and especially those who made the intel build possible. The latest intel version works like a charm and renders almost every site well. Personally I think the intel version is more useful because videos such as movie trailers and youtube work perfectly, where a power pc processor would be too slow to play these.
    My 2007 macbook pro running 10.4 tiger is still a very useful computer in many aspects, and the web part entirely because of tff, again, thanks!

  6. If you can, and have interest, it would be very helpful if some of the Intel-interested people might help make a path forward to the new version of TFF we'll need. As I understand the process, we'll need to jump up a long-term-support tier (or two), and fix a lot of SDK API that has moved beyond the 10.4 SDK.

    Probably - not sure - getting it working on Intel and then factoring in the PPC fixes might be the most efficient way to do this, although that could be wrong.

    Perhaps in his coherent manner Cameron might map out the process he sees that might make this happen.

    The "Older systems browser" crowd has fractured a bit, which is too bad, as we'll likely need all the interested parties to coalesce around one thing to make it work. Firefox might well be that thing.

    I am able to make webkit2-gtk work back to 10.6, and that lets wrappers around it like "surf" and "epiphany" work -- but it is not perfect, and there are issues with IPC communication that causes errors. And there are a lot of messy parts like gstreamer to deal with. So this here might be our only real path forward.

  7. @ClassicHasClass What do you think of this weird core-js [1] javascript library that claims to be able to polyfill older browsers like Firefox 4 with features like promises and async/await?



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