Friday, August 16, 2019

Chrome murders FTP like Jeffrey Epstein

What is it with these people? Why can't things that are working be allowed to still go on working? (Blah blah insecure blah blah unused blah blah maintenance blah blah web everything.)

This leaves an interesting situation where Google has, in its very own search index, HTML pages served by FTP its own browser won't be able to view:

At the top of the search results, even!

Obviously those FTP HTML pages load just fine in mainline Firefox, at least as of this writing, and of course TenFourFox. (UPDATE: This won't work in Firefox either after Fx70, though FTP in general will still be accessible. Note that it references Chrome's announcements; as usual, these kinds of distributed firing squads tend to be self-reinforcing.)

Is it a little ridiculous to serve pages that way? Okay, I'll buy that. But it works fine and wasn't bothering anyone, and they must have some relevance to be accessible because Google even indexed them.

Why is everything old suddenly so bad?


  1. Wait for Firefox 70:

    1. Sigh. I suspected that was in the works but didn't know when.

  2. Google doesn't need a reason. Google has the complete dominance over the Internet and does whatever it likes. It seems everybody is happy with it. Besides, 99.99% people on Earth don't even know what FTP is or was. I would say 99.99% people don't know what the Internet is or was. Isn't it Facebook?

    1. A lot of people call Chrome "Google". Like "did you install google?".

  3. Sadly true: I always have a hard time trying to explain people what is a browser and what is a search engine... :-o Most users kinda think that Google IS Internet!
    I'm amazed when I see most of my friends not even knowing what a bookmark is: they just access everything thru Google, even the sites they use daily...
    And clearly, they don't even know the word "privacy": each time I try to explain the way things work in today's Internet, they more or less laugh as if it was just a geek issue. :-/


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