Friday, May 3, 2019

TenFourFox not affected by the addon apocalypse

Tonight's Firefox add-on apocalypse, traced to a mistakenly expired intermediate signing certificate, is currently roiling Firefox users worldwide. It bit me on my Talos II, which really cheesed me off because it tanked all my carefully constructed site containers. (And that's an official Mozilla addon!)

This brief post is just to reassure you that TenFourFox is unaffected -- I disagreed with signature enforcement on add-ons from the beginning and explicitly disabled it.


  1. I just checked this on my MacBook Pro running FF 66.0.3. Only two extensions enabled but both operating without errors. Restarted FF app and same result. So is my Mac and setup the only exception on the planet? Likewise TFF appears unaffected.

  2. I spoke too soon . . . FF just disabled my two active extensions. Displayed a generic message telling me so.

  3. Can you please share the config of your site containers when you set it up again? Would be really helpful to learn from you as to how you isolate your internet browsing. Thank you.

  4. FF Quantum 66.0.4
    MAC 10.13.6

    My containers were tanked/blown away/trashed today... UGH. I don't want to remake ALL if this is not fixed. What is the status of this add-on certs debacle to MOZ containers?? When I open tabs I am getting multiple tabs of of the same site opening at once, this is freaky.

    Guess I'm holding off on using FF until there is a fix.
    # If someone posts when a stable version comes out that would be helpful.


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