Friday, January 25, 2019

TenFourFox FPR12 available

TenFourFox Feature Parity Release 12 final is now available for testing (downloads, hashes, release notes). There are no additional changes except for one outstanding security update and to refresh the certificate and TLD stores. As usual it will go live Monday evening Pacific time assuming no difficulties.

For "lucky" FPR13 I want to take a whack at solving issue 541, since my ability to work on Github from the G5 is seriously impaired at the moment (I have to resort to various workarounds or do tasks from the Talos II with regular Firefox). Since this has some substantial regression risk it will probably be the only JavaScript change I do for that release pending further feasibility tests on the whole enchilada. However, a couple people have asked again about AppleScript support and there is an old patch around that I think could be dusted off and made to work. That release is scheduled for March 19.

Speaking of the Talos II, I should be getting my second POWER9 system in soon, a 4-core Raptor Blackbird we'll be using as a media system. I've already got the mATX case picked out and some decent peripherals and it will probably run Fedora also, since I'm pretty accustomed to it by now. If these systems are starting to interest you but the sticker shock of a full T2 loadout is too much, the Blackbird can give you a taste of next-generation Power ISA without too much pain to your pocketbook.

Meanwhile, over on our sister Talospace blog, if you've been thinking about the Linux plunge (either with a POWER9 or on your own system) but your Mac habits die hard, here's a better way to get the Command key to work properly than faffing about with AutoKey and you can still run Mac OS X apps in virtualization or emulation.


  1. Thanks for your work on TenFourFox. It's awesome to see my MacMini G4 still being useful :D

  2. Man i'm happy my imac g5 will get some new internet life soon. I might get this development build to test it out. Hopefully at somepoint you can develop some sort of DRM code or emulation to make stuff like the spotify web player work. I still with the old spotifg app still worked, but sadly its now fully dead. I know itd be hard to get DRM to work, but maybe you you coukd mess with it in your free time? Idk just a thought, anyways keep up the goodwork!


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