Sunday, December 9, 2018

TenFourFox FPR11 available

TenFourFox Feature Parity Release 11 final is now available for testing (downloads, hashes, release notes). Issue 525 has stuck, so that's being shipped and we'll watch for site or add-on compatibility fallout (though if you're reporting a site or add-on that doesn't work with FPR11, or for that matter any release, please verify that it still worked with prior versions: particularly for websites, it's more likely the site changed than we did). There are no other changes other than bringing security fixes up to date. Assuming no problems, it will go live tomorrow evening as usual.

FPR12 will be a smaller-scope release but there will still be some minor performance improvements and bugfixes, and with any luck we will also be shipping Raphaël's enhanced AltiVec string matcher in this release as well. Because of the holidays, family visits, etc., however, don't expect a beta until around the second week of January.


  1. Slightly off Linux for PPC systems based on Debian. Looks impressive, if only from the screenshots:

    Also, Arctic Fox, a fork of Palemoon is available for 10.6 and PPC Linux. Along with Talos these are exciting times!

  2. Cameron: Have posted a guide on setting up Virtual Memory in Tiger to an SSD (making the most of it's speed, without all the potential problems). Wish I'd done this from the beginning - that first OWC 120GB could have done me forever!.

    1. Thanks for the guide, but if we consider only speed, I bet it would be even better to partition the SSD with a dedicated partition for VM while still booting on SSD, no? — especially when you only have an SSD inside an old Mac Mini, where your solution means I should boot from an external Firewire HD instead...
      Do you think in this case there would be a significant speed gain? (boot on SSD+VM partition vs everything on SSD)

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  4. So sorry to not have noticed your reply until now, but in your case, with only one drive, it makes sense to just have the biggest self-trimming SSD you can afford. Whenever you go over 50% full they start getting pissy, and you just really need to keep that space free for reallocation - or you'll be living in the land of spinning pin-wheels!


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