Monday, December 4, 2017

TenFourFox FPR4 SPR1 available

TenFourFox "FPR4.1" (officially Feature Parity Release 4, Security Parity Release 1) is available for testing (downloads, hashes; release notes pending revision). This is an urgent security and bugfix update which repairs a serious information leak in Private Browsing mode that affects all versions of Firefox (and TenFourFox) to at least version 35. I also included a bugfix for an edge case in our internal AltiVec-accelerated strchr() implementation which was discovered when I expanded its usage to other portions of the browser. Mozilla is chemspilling updated versions of Fx57 and ESR52; I plan to follow suit and the fixed version will go live this afternoon-evening Pacific time assuming no problems. There are no other changes in this release. If you are rolling your own build, pull the tree at release FPR4 and add the relevant patches from issues 440 and 451.

FPR5 is coming along very well. If I could sum up the changes in two words, it would be "MOAR ALTIVEC." Two other words I'd use are "stay tuned" and "totally awesome" and "amazing programmer" and "very modest."


  1. Cameron,
    I have been running the TFF release 4.1 and it is performing very well with no issues. Thank you for your tireless efforts and keeping us PPC fans up and running! -Kevin

  2. No changes in stability from last release.

    You know what would be the TOP improvement to TFF, now you are no-longer in lock-step with FF?? Make it so we have to enable dragging tabs off the main window. This is so annoying when you just want to move the window a little bit then it locks up while the tab is put into it's own window. This has its uses, but would sure be nice to have to click a radio button first or something so it wouldn't happen by accident.

    1. If it is of any help:

      There once was an extension to disable tear-off tabs and a couple other tab settings.

      It was created at the time of fx 3.5, but I think the first version that broke the extension was webextensions-only 57. Although it got removed from a while ago, there are probably some archives that kept it.

  3. Excellent work, Dr. Kaiser. You are playing a massive part in keeping the PowerPC alive, and the entire community is indebted to you.

    With each release of TenFourFox, I can feel my PowerBook getting faster and faster in browsing the internet. Top notch sir. Top notch.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. Very true. But sometimes I worry about the less important apps like games (some of you may be rolling your eyes at me now). Just recently zdoom dropped support for OS X versions older than 10.7


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