Tuesday, September 26, 2017

TenFourFox FPR3 available ... when SourceForge is (also: Fx57 is yugly)

Sorry, everyone. I am well aware that SourceForge is down and you can't download TenFourFox FPR3 (or, for that matter, Classilla) right now. I don't have any control over that. If this keeps up more than a day or two, we'll see if we can get alternative hosting up somewhere.

Also, my office PC (Windows 7) is now on the Firefox 57 beta and it's ... really garish and ugly looking. Switching the layout to Compact and the theme to Light helps a little with the tab bar, but the KITT loading tab animation is distracting, the icons manage to be intrusive and bland simultaneously, and the new logo is a bad LSD trip (to say nothing of the fact half my extensions stopped working, and while I knew that was coming, most of them have no replacement because the APIs don't yet exist). While I thought Australis was a step backwards in terms of utility, at least it had some design consistency. Photon, on the other hand, is all over the place and it's an unwelcome change on top of everything else. I'm almost afraid to update Firefox on the MacBook Air.

But, to be fair, it is palpably faster. Much faster. I certainly can't argue that. Nevertheless, the compromises made are such that if it weren't for Google's relentless commitment to snoop on everything I do, I have to candidly say I'm not sure I'd be sticking with the new Firefox.


  1. Sucre Bleu!
    I fire up my main machine,It getses me all excited like, and SF is down! "I feel as if I had been allowed to taste the first course of a rich banquet and then denied all the rest. It is worse than not to have tasted it atall."
    I will just Have to be patient :)
    btw Cameron... does 10.4Fx have a donae button somewhere? The team is doing an 'Impossible' Job.Making history. :)

  2. And just like that SF.net is back.
    gimme some sickly sweet , smooth white chocky(FPR3)


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