Saturday, August 5, 2017

TenFourFox FPR2 available

As I type in what is not quite the worst hotel room in Mountain View while Rockford Files reruns play in the background, TenFourFox FPR2 final is available for testing (downloads, hashes, release notes). The original plan was not to have a Debug build with this release, but we're still trying to smoke out issue 72, so there is a Debug build as well. Again, it is not intended for general use unless you know what you're doing and why.

The only differences from this and the beta, besides the usual certificate, HPKP and HSTS updates, are some additional debug sections in the widget code for issue 72 and the remaining security and stability update backports. One of these updates fixes a bug in HTTP/2 transactions which helps reduce latency and dropped connections on some sites, notably many Google properties and some CDNs, and affects pretty much any version of Firefox since HTTP/2 support was added. As always, the plan is to go live on Monday PM Pacific.

Day 2 of the Vintage Computer Festival West is tomorrow! Be there, or, um, be not there! And that is clearly worse!


  1. Thank you so much for this whole project! My G4 iBook is a joy to use - and much moreso since you allow me to interact with today's websites. SOOOO much appreciated! I visited some of your advertisers, and I'll encourage my ppc brothers to do the same. THANK YOU! :)

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  3. Mate here's a big hug/beer/slap on the back etc for all the teams work on 10.4fx it's basically 10 years in the waiting till I can now use my 1.67mhz power book as It was intended.Fpr1+ has radically changed my happiness level and it feels like the cramp has gone! I can use the browser as intended.I don't know how else to say Thankyou.
    Does the team take donations? I recon you deserve more, but beer money is what I'm thinking....
    You blokes do what Noone else do. Support a system from passion. And for one moment you stop the creep of...the consumer platform hop.
    I admire you, 10.4fx team.
    Bloody Good job fellas!


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