Saturday, March 4, 2017

45.8.0 available

TenFourFox 45.8.0 is now available for testing (downloads, hashes, release notes). As usual it will go live Monday PM, likely when I get to my conference in the Bay Area. This includes everything in the beta plus some additional fontblocked URLs and a last-minute tweak to the font spacing kludge for certain wacky but otherwise valid fixed width webfonts.

For 45.9, there will be some additional performance improvements to xptcall (better scheduling of the PowerPC assembly language glue that links XPCOM calls), additional work on Operation Short Change, better hinting of branches the JavaScript JIT emits, additional marginal improvements to text run generation and more font blacklisting. Chris noticed geolocation has been broken since at least TenFourFox 24, so we'll fix that, and I'm also toying with a concept where a garbage collection cycle is automatically run whenever a tab closes to recover the memory deterministically instead of random pauses later.

After incorporating a number of suggestions from you, there is now a semi-official archive of compatible addons for TenFourFox. This is not to say only these addons are supported; it's just to make convenient finding ones of significance that do work. If you have other recommendations, please advise. I'm still studying the right way to directly install from this folder without opening up a security hole.

Watch for the 45.9 beta in about two or three weeks.

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