Friday, January 20, 2017

45.7.0 available for realsies

Let's try that again. TenFourFox 45.7.0 is now available for testing ... again (same download location, same release notes, new hashes), and as before, will go live late Monday evening if I haven't been flooded out of my house by the torrential rains we've been getting in currently-not-so-Sunny So Cal. You may wish to verify you got the correct version by manually checking the hash on the off-chance the mirrors are serving the old binaries.


  1. Performance just keeps getting better and better. BRAVO!!! (quit-crashing aside).

    Very sorry about Talos. It is a bummer to see the end of a potential era. I just over-paid for the high-end version of the Nintendo Wii U, to hang onto the past a while longer myself (and btw, it is an AWESOME game system - have LOVED everything on it so far, and the gamepad makes a perfect little Hulu/Netflix screen beside the trusty old G4 while I work, and great email checker beside the bed before I feel like getting up in the morning). In fact it is so good for web-browsing and video, kinda gives me an idea of what a post 2006 iBook/Powerbook might have been like, had Apple not abandoned the architecture.

    The battles we win are not the only ones worth fighting. Had Dreamcast not existed, who knows how modern gaming might have turned out. Also, while Ouya was short-lived, it is still the party machine of choice when me and my buddies get together (heck I just had to buy a 2nd one on eBay because my nephews loved it so much - and their parents too because of the awesome multiplayer support, that keeps the kids entertained).

    There is still room to experiment. Each Ralph Nadar presidential run and offbeat computer system that comes up for consideration makes the ones that succeed better and points to the things we didn't know we wanted till we saw/experienced them.

  2. Thanks for the update, I go squinty eyed a lot less now. If I had a choice I would'a switched to a Intel powered Mac, the G5 has to hang in there a while longer. I'm positive that there are a lot more Mac users that have not yet expressed gratitude for the effort made to keep the wheels turning.

  3. I got an application crash while panning in Google Maps. OSX would not let me submit the crash info. ("Sorry please try again later"). Would the info be useful to you, and if so, where should I put it?


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