Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Xserves still lurk

Xserves, the last true Apple server systems, apparently still lurk in dark corners in data centres near you. But for me, the quintessential Apple server line will always be the Apple Network Servers.


  1. Hey Boss - EVEN YOU might find this one useful!!

  2. I hope you will see this comment. When I connect my PowerMac G4 with Debian 7 to visit TenFourFox dev I see truely the last post of this blog, but when I connect my PowerMac with TenFourFox 45.9.0 to visit TenFourFox I see this post as the last post of this blog.

    This has beginned many months ago but I was involved in French presidential elections so I hadn't time to describe this issue.

    I have two hypothesis about this :
    First, it is because I am connecting to TenFourFox dev from France.

    Second, because Google ID 's cookie is used by NSA. I have strongly deleted Google ID 's cookie in TenFourFox sqlite3 's database and I have blocked his return.

    I will connect to an other user of this Mac which I didn't delete Google ID 's cookie to know more about this.


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