Friday, September 30, 2016

gdb7 patchlevel 4 available

First, in the "this makes me happy" dept.: a Commodore 64 in a Gdansk, Poland auto repair shop still punching a clock for the last quarter-century. Take that, Phil Schiller, you elitist pig.

Second, as promised, patchlevel 4 of the TenFourFox debugger (our hacked version of gdb) is available from SourceForge. This is a minor bugfix update that wallpapers a crash when doing certain backtraces or other operations requiring complex symbol resolution. However, the minimum patchlevel to debug TenFourFox is still 2, so this upgrade is merely recommended, not required.


  1. As annoying as Phil Schiller is, PC gaming elitists are much worse. To PC elitists, if your computer is more than 6 months old, you're a loser. I know this because (And I have a confession to make) I own an 8 month old Dell laptop I use for gaming. Although I prefer to play most of my older games on my G5 (Quake, Doom 3, ect.) and still use it as my main computer, I need modern hardware to play modern games (and current gen consoles only seem to have mediocre titles available to them in comparison to last the gen) which leaves me with PC. Direct-X is a terrible API, but it lets me play Counter Strike.
    Counter Strike, Team Fortress, And many others are fun games to play until the PC elitists enter the ring. Constantly blabbing about how cool their new hardware is (even though no one's asking) they're already annoying enough. But it get worst when you kill them because "no one with 6 month old hardware can kill [him] unless they're hacking" because somehow having new hardware make you a better gamer. Sure you can report them for harassment, but they really ruin the fun of the game.

  2. Hello!
    Ehm...can you consider a "TenSixFox" branch ?

    Let me explain. I still have the Powerbook G4, happily running
    tenfourfox. ButI also have a bunch of core duo and core 2 duo running 10.6
    and 10.7...and this week Mozilla said they will no longer support them!

    So in the next months we'll have a more modern browser on G4s then on Core duos, totally illogical.

    Furthermore, your potential users, rather than "about 25K" will probably be in
    the millions!


    1. I don't have any plans to launch a TenSixFox, not only because of what I wrote in but also because the number of users actually isn't a goal. (In fact, the more users, the bigger support headache it becomes.) TenFourFox came about because I wanted a browser for the OS I use the most, which is 10.4. I use my MacBook Air much less often and my 10.6 Snow Leopard mini rarely. I just don't have the interest in the platform to make it worth it to me personally, and it would take away time from TenFourFox and the projects I actually do use. I'm glad people use it, but that's not what I wrote it for. I get that there's a need for something similar for early Intel systems, but it won't come from me under the present circumstances.

      That said, 45ESR will at least still work on 10.6 until mid-2017.

    2. You should midori a try. It is a lightweight browser and is available in macports.


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