Saturday, June 4, 2016

38.9 available

TenFourFox 38.9 is available for testing (downloads, hashes, release notes). This includes the IonPower JavaScript JIT fix in issue 319 and relevant backported security patches from Firefox ESR 45.2 enumerated in issue 320. If you're a downstream builder hoping to use our backports to keep your own 38ESR fork alive, keep in mind I've only imported the security patches that are actually significant to us (for example, we run almost none of the OpenGL code, so OpenGL and WebGL patches are invariably irrelevant to TenFourFox and I hardly ever import them), so you should investigate all the other 45ESR security advisories as well to make sure they do not also apply to you.

Since I know Ric Ford from MacInTouch reads this blog for updates (hi Ric!), let me also be clear that 38.9 is an interim stopgap release only -- the plan is still to get TenFourFox to version 45, hopefully by 45.4. There will also likely be a 38.10 (security parity with official Firefox ESR 45.3) to allow 45 enough time to bake in beta and the localizers to catch up, but I'm determined to get us there ultimately with more information on my plans to come. 38.9 and 38.10 are TenFourFox-specific updates to Firefox 38ESR and do not correspond to any official version of Firefox.

38.9 will become live on Monday evening Pacific as usual, assuming no showstoppers.

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  1. All ok, though I still have this funny 1.9GB of Virtual Memory usage with just 1 tab open on Facebook.

    On both MacMini 1.33G4/512 and PowerBook 12 G4


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