Friday, April 22, 2016

38.8.0 available

38.8.0 is available (downloads, hashes, release notes). There are no major changes, only a bustage fix for one of the security updates that does not compile under gcc 4.6. Although I built the browser and did all the usual custodial tasks remotely from a hotel room in Sydney, assuming no major showstoppers I will actually take a couple minutes on my honeymoon to flip the version indicator Monday Pacific time (and, in a good sign for the marriage, she accepts this as a necessary task).

Don't bother me on my honeymoon.


  1. Congrats, Cameron! And how about a hero's welcome for understanding spouses? ;)

  2. Yes, congratulations! May you always have your luckies!

    Thank you for your dedication and fine work.

  3. Indeed, an understanding bride is to be cherished. Much happiness to you both!

  4. A "Blast-Processing Congrats!" (Sorry Sega-Humor ;0)

  5. CK: Up to version 6 of the PPC Media Player (lots of nice refinements and compatibility upgrades - probably last version), anyway am wondering if I can email you a little info to pass onto your Localization folks?

    Happy to give credit to any who participate and is likely a page/page and 1/2 of small text blocks.

  6. Hello cameron! love your updates for such an old system, it brings back life into my old macs.
    Will you release an updated classila?
    Thank you!


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