Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hello from TenFourFox 38

After some feverish work over the weekend, TenFourFox 38 is now stable enough to make this blog post. (Much of this work was done late last night listening to the best foreign affairs show on radio, the Dark Secret Place with Bryan Suits, heard here in the Los Angeles hive of villainy from 10-midnight on KFI AM 640 on Saturdays. Bryan points out there are more Chinese state security agents in California than FBI agents, which probably explains the national priorities that facilitated the OPM private data hack, and as someone asked to keep state secrets to myself it burns my cookies to a freaking crisp that the federal government can't preserve my own.) JavaScript once again now passes all tests with the new IonPower engine, and most of the major showstopper bugs are fixed. There are some minor polish problems and one intermittent crash with fonts but it only occurs in the debugger, not when the app is run raw, suggesting that our hacked gdb has a couple bugs in it (quite possible). Performance is always hard to judge with a debug build, but I have the Quad throttled into low power because of the 90+ degree Fahrenheit weather and even with its clock speed capped it's still good enough to type this!

Next step is to load MP3 support into 38 and try to get an opt build off the ground, then pull the latest 38ESR, port these beta changesets to that, and make a public release. Father's Day and a class paper are in the way, but I'm shooting for getting something into your hands in a week or so. MP3 support may not be in the initial beta (or may not be fully finished), but I fully intend to complete that somewhere in the 38 timeframe since it obviously works.

Along with 10.4Fx 38 I've also been working on a more generic solution for video and Flash-only content, as well as a personal labour of love for the first computer I ever had as a kid. You'll get to play with both of these very shortly.

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