Saturday, May 9, 2015

31.7.0 available

31.7.0 is now available for testing (release notes, downloads, hashes). Although there is no new functionality or Power Mac-specific changes in this release, builders will notice some moderate churn in the changesets due to Mozilla invalidating about a third of them with a purely stylistic change to JavaScript code, making this release somewhat more troublesome than it had to be. (I don't know why they bothered doing that with a branch they plan to sunset in only about two more release cycles, but I digress.) It will finalize on Monday evening Pacific time as usual.

38 is on time for a beta release in a few weeks, though I need to do some more prophylactic changes to its changesets as well for the same reason. Once the 38 beta gets off the ground, then we will begin the final exodus from Google Code.

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  1. As a PowerPC G4 user, I have to say that TenFourFox it's the best browser for mantaining the same user experience from a new Mac.

    Congratulations and keep up the good work!


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