Friday, April 3, 2015

Beware the undead Snow Leopard

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We recently ran numbers on our user base (like about 3 weeks ago), and found that 10.10, 10.9 and 10.6 all had greater than 10% share of our Mac user base. 10.6 was still close to 19%.

Gonna be some unhappy people when the hammer comes down, and in fairness to Mozilla, the hammer's going to be Apple screwing around with Xcode to prevent 10.6 compatibility. But when that's the last OS that ran legacy PowerPC applications, ran on any Intel Mac and wasn't infected with the iOS herpes, can you blame people for sticking with what works? These numbers are still roughly comparable with 10.6 usage over a year ago.

Which reminds me that I'm reacquiring numbers for our state of the user base. Watch for that soon™.


  1. Bet my work Mac Pro will still be the only Mac in your logs running 10.10.2 with TenFourFox 17 Intel. :D

  2. Though I think the problem is not Lion killing off 32-bit only Intel Macs, but Mountain Lion killing off some later ones.

  3. All our work, home and ministries computers are running 10.6.
    Even our servers are running 10.4 and 10.5 using macports.

  4. ...and as usual Windows XP continues to get updates.

    1. Windows Server 2003 is still supported by Microsoft until July. For an existing product that already has XP and 2003 support (like Firefox), I'd guess there's not much benefit to dropping XP support until you can also drop Windows Server 2003 support.


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