Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Two victories

Busted through my bug with stubs late last night (now that I've found the bug I am chagrined at how I could have been so dense) and today IonPower's Baseline implementation successfully computed π to an arbitrary number of iterations using the nice algorithm by Daniel Pepin:

% ../../../obj-ff-dbg/dist/bin/js --no-ion --baseline-eager -e 'var pi=4,top=4,bot=3,minus = true;next(pi,top,bot,minus,30);function next(pi,top,bot,minus,num){for(var i=0;i<num;i++){pi += (minus == true)?-(top/bot):(top/bot);minus = \!minus;bot+=2;}print(pi);}'
% ../../../obj-ff-dbg/dist/bin/js --no-ion --baseline-eager -e 'var pi=4,top=4,bot=3,minus = true;next(pi,top,bot,minus,30000);function next(pi,top,bot,minus,num){for(var i=0;i<num;i++){pi += (minus == true)?-(top/bot):(top/bot);minus = \!minus;bot+=2;}print(pi);}'

Still work to be done on the rudiments before attacking the test suite, but code of this complexity running correctly so far is a victory. And, in a metaphysical sense, speaking from my perspective as a Christian (and a physician aware of the nature of his illness), here is another victory: a Mozillian's last post from the end stages of his affliction. Even for those who do not share that religious perspective, it is a truly brave final statement and one I have not seen promoted enough.


  1. Uploaded and ran 31.5.0 TFF update w/o any issues to report on my G5 DP 1.8 PPC. Of course a good shake out is in order but the browser seems to perform excellent. I know you put a lot of work into each upgrade. A simple 'thank you' does not seem to be near enough to express my gratitude. Your work is very much appreciated!

  2. Thanks for sharing that link. It is always powerful and humbling to read thoughts of those who have endured much and still find reasons to be filled with optimism and gratitude for life, especially at the end of life. I share the faith as well, and his writing though reaffirms all those of many experiences and journeys who gifted him with friendship and kindness. Beautiful.


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