Friday, November 28, 2014

Looking for music to test with?

A couple people asked about some "known working" sites to play with. So here's one: Matt Gray's Kickstarter for Reformation, his remix album of his greatest SID compositions for the Commodore 64 (of which the inferior AY chips can only dream, he says elbowing Martin). The Soundcloud snippets work on that page, as long as you don't seek within the track. Try them. They play great on my 1GHz iMac G4. If you love chiptune remixes like I do, back the project! I'm level 3, and if we hit the next stretch goal, everybody gets another disc!

Also, Amazon Music (FKA Amazon Cloud Player) works with MP3 TenFourFox, but you still can't seek within the track (my bug), there's a quick snatch of music when switching tracks because of a race condition in the HTML5 audio stream (Amazon's bug), certain tracks are not properly detected as MP3 (Mozilla's bug), and if you skip to the next track if the current one is still streaming, it has to stream all the way before the next track will play (also Mozilla's bug). I used it to listen to Pink Floyd's new and allegedly final album The Endless River, which doesn't have much posthumous Richard Wright content after all and is overall weak and meandering even considering the general gestalt of the band's post-Waters incarnation and David Gilmour's avowed goal of an ambient album. Basically, it's a slower and even less adventurous On An Island, and it's kind of a letdown after the big pre-release buildup.

If these don't work for you, something's wrong, but it won't be fixed until the 38 betas. Sorry.

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