Friday, August 29, 2014

31.1.0 available

31.1.0 is now available (downloads, release notes). This incorporates the fixes for trackpad scrolling and Mighty Mouse scrolling, and some changes backported from Fx33/34 to improve overall scrolling performance. It also slightly reduces the latency of the JavaScript JIT compiler which improves SunSpider and V8 by around 0.5-1% (since the improvement is in code generation, it is more noticeable in scripts with short runtimes and microbenchmarks). If you are using the "31.1pre" you should upgrade to this finalized version as it fixes a glitch in rendering and adds the JavaScript changes, as well as the security and stability fixes, of course. Assuming no issues, it will become live on Monday night as usual.

I still don't know what's wrong with irregexp yet. I plan to do more work on that over the long Labour Day weekend.


  1. Much improved over 31.0 in the 7450 version. Scrolling bar issue fixed; seems faster. Many thanks!

  2. Here's the issue that keeps sending me back to v24 (it's probably a known issue?): v31 (on the right) doesn't seem to be able to handle the 'fly-out' comment section?

    1. I don't have any trouble viewing the comments on any article on NYTimes that I visit. You're missing a lot of components on that page. I've seen misconfigured adblockers do that, among other things.

    2. Ah. Excellent point. I just did some experimenting, and it seems it was likely a greasemonkey script that was causing the comments to be missing. Greasemonkey isn't working with v24.7 for some reason...


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