Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Progress report on 31b3

After almost two weeks of digging I was able to find two separate issues, one specifically in JavaScript and one affecting most of the browser, which seem to improve the benchmarks back to 29-levels. However, the proof is the browser's overall performance, of course, and when I fired up the G5 test build this morning before work, even with the processors set to Reduced mode I was delighted to note there's no more beachball with Adblock. This is a very good sign, but I'm going to withhold judgment until I've done some more analysis on the iBook G4; the iBook, especially if the CPU is throttled, has had the most issues with 31. The G5 is building a 7450 test build right this moment while I'm typing this over a coffee Mr. Pibb break. If the iBook's performance on battery is acceptable, then we will proceed with beta 3, hopefully over the weekend.

OMTC and generational GC will remain disabled for 31 just to give us every possible advantage.


  1. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the next stable revision.
    If you need to get some family time and r&r this weekend we'll understand.

  2. Now this is a G5 Power Mac!



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