Saturday, June 7, 2014

24.6.0 available

24.6.0 is available (release notes, files). Other than the usual ESR fixes, there is nothing special in this release, just a regular maintenance update. It will be slotted in Monday evening Pacific as usual.

I have not made much headway on getting past this critical problem with IonMonkey, but I'm still planning for the formal 31.0 beta to be released later next week regardless.


  1. Hi there! I just wanted to post and thank you for the update. TenFourFox makes my G4e outrageously usable. I'd probably have donated it and switched to using one of my other computers primarily if it wasn't for this epic program.

  2. Yeah, it's nice being able to browse a bit and not be knocked down to being a handicapped MacTubes thing on one hand, or having NoScript throw up its .hands and say the dom and everything are so out of sync everything will have to be blocked as App Boundaries Enforcement. Thanks! Trying to ponder what IBM iron you're debugging G3, G4, G5 on to make running the debugger tolerable^wfit in memory...could be a paged memory Geffen or PowerMac add-in.


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