Saturday, May 3, 2014

Floodgap service note: emergency service reduction until further notice

Instead of working more on TenFourFox 31 aurora, I spent the evening putting stockholm, my trusty Apple Network Server 500, back in service; uppsala, the big POWER6, threw a rod sometime this afternoon and won't pass power-on diagnostics. Fortunately it had done its normal automated backups earlier, so there will be minimal data loss and the hard disks should still be okay. Let's hope it's something easy and cheap(er) to replace, like the RAID controllers or the accessory Ethernet, instead of replacing the entire system backplane which is basically an insanely expensive motherboard swap.

However, the ANS is just a little 604e with only 512MB of RAM and is not up to the task of serving everything the POWER6 does. I've restored static images of the TenFourFox, Classilla, HTTPi, Texapp and TTYtter sites and some utility areas along with the update XML files so that checking versions will work, and ordinary users won't notice much difference except that the site will be a little slower than usual. However, there are no gopher services and most of the rest of the website is down; really stockholm is just here to serve critical pages and collect E-mail until repairs are complete. That said, I'm glad I kept it configured as a server for just this sort of situation, and it's nice to have the old beast slip right back in to keep things running.

Hopefully my rep can overnight me the parts and we can get this fixed by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

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