Sunday, February 2, 2014

24.3.0 available

24.3.0 is now available from SourceForge (release notes). This version has some minor fixes, including to the user agent for certain sites that would misdetect TenFourFox as not-Firefox; if you're looking for a TenFourFox-specific string, it has now moved to the middle position. It will go live tomorrow night assuming no major issues.

IonMonkey PowerPC is still stuck on function calls; I can get simple ones to work now, but major portions of the test suite still crash when it must bail out to PPCBC. Eventually it will work, but it's slow going. Once 29 moves to aurora (the first official Australis release), I will issue a 26 snapshot for the interested and then we will see if we'll drop source parity or not. The new MTE concept apparently is not well received, so I guess I'll scrap that idea.


  1. 24.3.0 looks solid, but I really see problems with Sourceforge on the horizon. I downloaded twice (for my different G3 and G4 Macs). One of the downloads stalled for minutes with "48 seconds left", one aborted at 6.something MB with no error message, leaving of course a corrupted .zip file behind. The second try for the aborted one stalled several times as well and then timed-out with an error message ("the download could not be saved") after about 10 minutes. For any other application I would have said Goodbye by then and gone away to play with a different browser. The experience was a flashback to the late 1900s when I was sitting in front of my dial-up modem and praying for the download to succeed. Maybe our files are too big for Sourceforge.

    1. The problem is the hosting cost. I don't really like SourceForge (or I would have gone with them to begin with), but it doesn't cost us anything and we don't have any download limits. I can't host this personally, and I don't want a cascade of mirrors from well-meaning people that constantly go up and down; it's a maintenance nightmare (speaking of, it's entirely possible that the problem is due to one of SF's mirrors and not SF themselves). If someone has a free download hosting service that doesn't suck, I'm happy to take other suggestions. For a variety of reasons, Dropbox or Google Drive are not really options right now, btw.

    2. The new MegaUpload is where it's at for file hosting ( Nothing else even comes close.

  2. I have found the MacTubes Enabler useful. How has the MTE been "not well received"? (Maybe I just haven't challenged it enough to run into the problems!)

  3. Seriously? Disabling the plugins like that was a dick move. What the hell were they thinking?! I don't think I even want to upgrade to v24. Big disappointment.


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