Thursday, November 7, 2013

24.1.0 available (welcome to SourceForge)

24.1.0 is now available with the fix for issue 248. This didn't happen to me very often, but as discussed in the last post, it solved it when it did; if it isn't solving it for you, I need steps to reproduce. I'm going to keep on fiddling with issue 247 (Personas overpainting the window buttons) for a bit, but since it's entirely cosmetic this is a bug I can ship for the time being -- especially because I want to start work on Firefox 26 right away and kick off the next unstable series.

Oh, you didn't find it under the downloads tab? That's because it's now at our brand spanking old SourceForge files repository. It isn't as quick or clean as Google Code was, but it still has MD5/SHA1 hashes for you paranoid folks, it lets us organize by version, it has geographically distributed mirrors and it didn't cost me any freaking money. Get files from the 24.1.0 folder; the release notes are still at Google Code. Remember, only downloads have moved; everything else is staying at Google Code for the immediate future.

I am informed that Tenfourbird is indeed circulating a beta version of 24 too, and I'm delighted to see our anonymous builder in the Land of the Rising Sun has made the jump to the next ESR with us. It's just a coincidence that he uses SourceForge as well, by the way. Maybe.


  1. Ok, maybe I am being a bit dumb, but I am getting "You can't open the applicaiton tenfourfoxG5-24.1 because it is not supported on this architecture" I am on a G5 running 10.5.8, am I missing something?

  2. Ok, solved that one: It doesn't unzip properly with keka


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