Thursday, November 14, 2013

17.0.11 rises from the grave like an undead zombie

Mozilla is issuing a proactive fix for a security issue with secured connections that affects all versions of Firefox going back to ESR17. While nothing is currently exploiting it, the issue was inadvertently disclosed through a publicly visible commit, so the decision was made for an urgent point release and we're going to go ahead and match that for 17. I don't know when this will hit the release channel officially but I will probably push the button for us Friday night or Saturday. There is only that one change in this release and the 17.0.9 changesets still apply. Downloads, release notes (for the last time, hopefully).

24.1.0 is affected by this also but it's going to be replaced by 24.2.0 in less than two weeks, so I'm going to simply monitor the situation for right now because the fix in question is merely proactive (and an exploit must be PPC OS X-specific). I have not had any more reports of menu bar freezes, so I am going to assume issue 248 is fixed by our hack. If you are a localizer, time is running out before we need to nail down the langpacks for launch. Tune in to issue 42 and/or issue 61 to coordinate with Chris.

I'm nearly done merging the new patches into what will hopefully become TenFourFox 26 and then we will be back on target for the new unstable branch, assuming it works. I'm still hoping for IonMonkey by Fx27 or Fx28 and I should have some time to get to this during the holidays. Still no word on the ETA for Australis.


  1. Yep, no menu bar freeze in the nearly one week of using 24.1.0.

  2. Localization progress for 24:

    Asturian:, can you do it?
    Finnish: done
    French: done
    German: done
    Italian: done
    Polish: assigned to
    Russian: done
    Spanish: I need only three lines translated by a native speaker to make the installer, see ., can you do it?
    Swedish: Dito,, can you do it?


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