Sunday, July 14, 2013

Back to Ion

The idea was to do work on Ion from my hotel room, but I left my iBook G4's power adaptor at the office and so I had to make three hours or so of battery life last for three days. But, I got to try a Wagyu ribeye steak. So there were compensations. And the Fuze+ performed sterling service aboard the airplane.

After I got back from America's Team's City, I sat down and for the past several days banged out code and managed to drag JavaScript back to fully compiling and linking with IonMonkey. Some very, very preliminary testing indicates it can emit code, but I'm having issues with how Ion labels are managed and bridging them to the machinery in our custom assembler, which we still use for code generation because of Ben's good work tuning it. I'm trying a couple of different ideas and I might just have to hack Ion to make some of this workable.

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