Saturday, May 25, 2013

Google Code twists the knife

As if we didn't have enough good reasons to switch to SourceForge (previously), Google gives us another one: new projects can no longer offer direct downloads, and existing projects will no longer be able to make new downloads after January 2014.

Again, Google doesn't owe us anything and we don't pay them anything, but this makes their open source hosting less than useless; this is a family blog, or I could sum up my response in two words. Well, actually, I can sum it up in two letters, and one of them is a U.


  1. And here is the response from SourceForge:

  2. Thank?....That's the other one!

  3. Github has banned downloads as well and still a majority of devs use it. Why don't you use Google Drive instead?

  4. Because I don't know when Google will change the rules for that either. SourceForge, at least, wants projects.


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