Tuesday, April 23, 2013

FirefoxOS dev phones sell out

By which I mean they're out of phones for sale on the very first day, and I blame you lot for why I can't buy a Peak Developer Edition. The specs are modest, but the price is eminently reasonable. Last night at 10:30pm the store was down for maintenance, I get up at 5:45am today to get one, and bam.

I'm a longtime Android user, driven to the Nexus One when Apple dropped 10.4 support within the iOS 4 timeframe, and while I don't love it I certainly don't hate it. My Galaxy Nexus is a solid device. Still, when I got to play with a Palm pre 2 (thanks, Ed!) for a period of time it was a delightful machine, and I'm hoping FirefoxOS recaptures that ease of development and feeling of openness that webOS had. Bugs are to be expected in early dev releases like this, and a friend of mine who put a nightly on a castoff phone a couple months back reported it didn't even do cut and paste (!), but I expect it has now developed to the point where you can dogfood it and I certainly hope Mozilla is. If FirefoxOS launches well, it would do much to preserve their relevance and a freer alternative mobile platform in a post-PC era.

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